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AYSO Section 11 Spring Extra 2019

We look forward to a great season!  Please make sure that all coaches have read the Program Guidelines.  

There are many things that are different from AYSO's Core (aka "recreational") program and, unfortunately, we can't just ignore them when somebody is unaware or forgets something in them.  I'm sure we will have a GREAT season.   

Coaches, if you have any concerns (pre-game, post-game, whenever), please contact your Regional Commissioner (RC) or Regional Extra Coordinator (REC) first.  They will usually be able to get you back on your way.  And, if not, they know who to contact to set things straight. 

And, among the most common/most-important differences from the Core Programs, please keep in mind the following Game-Day (check-in) requirements! 

                                  1.       Each team must present the Referee with an AYSO Blue-Sombrero generated team LINEUP CARD.
                                    No handwritten modifications are permitted other than the jersey number. The players should be listed in jersey number order.
                                  2.       Each team must present the Referee with valid LAMINATED player AND coach photo ID cards.
                                    Coaches shall wear ID cards visibly on their person during check in and for the duration of the game.
                                  3.       Referees will NOT request to see the Blue Sombrero-generated team ROSTER or the AYSO player registration forms, although coaches must have these at all games.

2018-19 Guidelines 

Standings Sorting

1) Average Points Per Game
2) Head to Head Play (calculated at the end of the season)
3) Goal Differential (max 3 per game)
4) Goals Scored (max 5 per game)
5) Lowest point deductions
6) Random Draw (coin toss)

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